DDR was instrumental in defining the London Acid Techno sound in the early nineties whilst running with the FullOn and Bedlam Sound Systems. DDR was the first guest artist to appear on Stay Up Forever records & has been one of their most prolific artists to date. He is responsible for the old school infused Hazchem Records and the Punk Techno sounds of the COSHH label. DDR also has many appearances on seminal Acid Techno labels Smitten, Cluster, Routemaster to name just a few. His performances are distinct, improvised, real time remixes of classics from the back catalog using the latest software and midi controllers fused with yet to be released material and music that is written only for the live gigs.


Guy "Geezer" McAffer plays LIVE SETS of his own TECHNO and/or ACID TECHNO. He has been writing and producing his own brand of avin'it dance music for the past two decades, and alongside Chris Liberator, DDR, Ant, Rackitt, D.A.V.E. The Drummer and the rest of the SUF crew. He has been instrumental in the birth and development of the underground Acid Techno sound that is unique to London. Geezer's recordings have appeared on labels as diverse as Stay Up Forever, Tortured, Smitten, Eukatech, Routemaster, Intensive, Cluster, Infected, Boscaland and Bionic Orange. He is the mastermind behind the R.A.W. label, as well as running the acid label WAH WAH with Chris and Aaron Liberator.


A LIVE Performer who rocks a LIVE PA with two real TB303's and spins vinyl on Technic 1200's!! He's known as the west coast USA Acid Techno Rep. The man in charge and responsible for bringing the UK Acid Techno genre to the USA's west coast. He's the owner and also an artist of the very successful Acid Techno vinyl label "OFFICIAL". His OFFICIAL record label has been highly acclaimed by tons of people worldwide. This guy has proven himself to be the hardest working Acid Techno artist in the USA's West Coast. His hard work throughout the years has earned him his stripes and because of that he has been labeled as "The real deal" by big names in the Acid Techno scene.


Anyone who's been into Acid Techno/Techno music for the last 20 years or so has probably stumbled across one of the tons of records he has produced. He's one of the key producers behind the UK Acid Techno sound hailing from London in the late 1990's and owner of one of the best known underground Techno labels in the world, Hydraulix. He has been has been DJ'ing all over the world since 1997 playing great tracks, both new and old, from his vast catalog of techno music. When he's DJ'ing he uses NI Traktor Scratch with an armload of fresh, often exclusive unreleased material. His monthly dj mix sets have become a buzz online, just about as much of a buzz as what he gets when he's gigging.


With dynamic musical taste and timing sharper than a razor, Sterling Moss is renowned for his technically explosive DJ style that never fails to electrify crowds the world over. Having toured extensively throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia, Sterling regularly rocks dancefloors around the globe in an exotic list of locations, playing at clubs and festivals to hundreds of thousands every year alongside the world's DJ elite. While constantly striving to innovate with his productions and DJ'ing, Sterling Moss always looks to explore new musical territories and ideas, while relentlessly touring his compelling sound around the globe.