Who is OFFICIAL? What is OFFICIAL? How did OFFICIAL get started?

Well.... Here are your answers...

OFFICIAL is a record label from Los Angeles, California USA. The record label was created by LETHAL ONE. It was created to showcase some banging acid techno tunes by some of the very best in the business. Throughout the years we've done hella great with record sales thanks to the support of our loyal fanbase worldwide and because of that we have continued to keep pressing more and more records. We started off by pressing only one record release per year to now releasing multiple releases per year. The label is going hard and strong and it looks to be set to continue running for a very long time. The label originally started off as a digital label sold through a now defunct website that was created by LETHAL ONE some years ago. The demand for the music was always there and people were buying it left and right. It was then that LETHAL ONE decided to take the risk and launch the label onto vinyl format. From day one the dream was always to one day launch a physical record label but it was never done before because of the fear of the vinyl market dying but everything changed years later... Vinyl records became somewhat popular again and sells were increasing again year over year. The vinyl market started gaining momentum upwards so LETHAL ONE eventually said fuck it, let's take a risk and go balls out and push our sound hard on wax!!! The demand for our music is there, the vinyl record market is booming again so let's do it!! And so it was done.. OFFICIAL records came into existence. The rest was history!!!

OFFICIAL didn't only just push out music, OFFICIAL also produced some Acid Techno events and throughout the years we also assisted other crews in Los Angeles with getting bookings with some of our OFFICIAL UK artist friends.



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